This cover for Yosemite: A Storied Landscape was chosen from thousands of others as the 2015 Best Cover Design by the Digital Book Awards. Gordon Chun contributed the typography; the woodcut is by artist Thomas Killion. I also designed the interior of the book. One judge wrote: 

The cover of Yosemite: A Storied Landscape is memorable, beautiful, and demands to be engaged with,” wrote one of our judges. “The bold typeface against what appears to be an inky woodcut mountain range creates a striking effect that owes more to manga than any conventions of what a book about a national park "should" be. This cover effortlessly communicates that it is *not* just a digital manifestation of a pretty coffee-table book.

Other recent designs included the ebook, Wild Flight of the Imagination: The Story of the Golden Gate Bridge. Although my work since the mid-90s has focused on writing and editing, I spent over two decades as an award-winning art director and graphic designer for Mother Jones and other magazines. I continue to enjoy design and have worked to master digital book design, including interactive user interfaces and multimedia, using both Adobe and Apple iBooks tools. I particularly enjoy the interplay of pictures and words, and most of my books, which have centered on art, history and nature, have a strong visual component. I also like being able to write, edit, design, and publish traditional and digital books, start to finish.