When YOUR book needs an editor…

“Behind every good book is an excellent editor. Kerry Tremain stepped in at just the right time to assist us in making hard decisions, finessing prose, and architecting a narrative that is both true to our research and accessible to the range of audiences we hope to reach. We are grateful for his sage advice, excellent organizational skills, structural and technical editing, but most importantly for the confidence he had in the book, and our project, and his constant reminder that at the end of the day, this is our book.” 

— Kenneth A. Bamburger and Deirdre K. Mulligan, Privacy on the Ground


I can help you improve your narrative structure and polish your sentences. I'm particularly interested in assisting academic writers. For several years, I was a magazine editor and worked with top-drawer writers. Publishers of books that I have edited include Harvard, MIT Press, Penguin, Random House, Smithsonian, and University of California Press. I am also a national award-winning writer.


AMERICAN SUTRA: Buddhism and the WWII Japanese-American Experience by Duncan Ryuken Williams. Developmental and line editing of this new book from Harvard by the Director of the USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture at the University of Southern California.

Escaping a Governance-By-Design Dystopia: Four Rules of Engagement by Deirdre Mulligan and Kenneth Bamburger. Developmental and line editing for this fifty thousand-word law review article.

One Hundred Year Report on Artificial Intelligence (AI100), a 27,000-word report coordinated by the AI100 Institute at Stanford involving seventeen contributors and twenty-four scholars from major universities. I edited and rewrote substantial portions of the manuscript, and designed the finished report. The acknowledgment to me reads: 

We thank Kerry Tremain for his tireless and insightful input on the written product during the extensive editing and polishing process, without which the report may never have been completed.

Privacy on the Ground, by Deirdre Mulligan and Kenneth Bamburger, MIT Press, 2016. Developmental editing, line editing, and rewriting on a rush deadline. The publisher, a major university press, had insisted on extensive work, but accepted the revision I edited two days after it was submitted. The editor at the press described my intervention as "invaluably transformative," adding that "the writing is much, much better while clearly retaining the dominant voice." She put my name on the short list for other projects.

PLASTIC REASON: An Anthropology of Brain Science in Embryogenetic Terms by Tobias Rees, UC Press, 2016. Developmental and line editing.

My standard rate is $50/hour or $360/day, and I like to start with an assessment of the manuscript, and if it seems like a fit, I will often offer a sample edit to new clients.



Art Books

For artists who would like help self-publishing a book, I’ve created a Guide for Self-publishing Your Art Book. I can provide you assistance in conceptualizing, editing, designing, and publishing your book.